OUR MISSION: WE are Advocates for Supporting Latinos in the Medical Profession

Tampa Bay Latin American Medical Society (TBLAMS) is a philanthropic society of Hispanic physicians that helps the Latino community and secures the future of the next generation of health care providers by funding several scholarships in collaboration with the University of South Florida. Based in Tampa Bay,  our charity sponsors the University of South Florida (USF) Health Morsani College of Medicine Minority Scholarship and the USF Latino Scholarship. We are also a professional society, sponsoring academic activities for our members.

La Asociación apoya la comunidad hispana mediante becas en el campo de la salud en un acuerdo colaborativo con la Escuela de Medicina Morsani de la Universidad de South Florida (USF).

How we Do It:

To continue funding our scholarships and promote our rich culture and camaraderie, we hold many fundraising events through the year. We promote family-oriented activities as a way to mantain our traditions through events such as "Fiesta de Reyes" and "La Noche de San Juan". Explore our website to learn more!

Para financiar las becas y fortalecer nuestra herencia cultural, desarrollamos un sinnúmero de actividades de recaudación en un ambiente de camaradería. Promovemos la integración familiar como manera de preservar nuestras tradiciones con eventos tales como la Fiesta de Reyes y La Noche de San Juan.

We Are Bilingual

We are physicians that speak Spanish We support our community through our charities, our medical conferences and Hispanic themed social events. We collaborate with USF to promote Su Salud, a series of educational videos in Spanish promoting health and fighting health related miss-information.

Somos doctores de habla hispana en Tampa Bay. Médicos que apoyamos nuestra comunidad con actividades filantrópicas, educativas y sociales que preservan nuestra lengua, nuestra cultura y que promueven la salud en la comunidad hispana.

Become a Part of Our Organization

We invite you to come and join our society! You’ll find a group of physicians who are passionate about our community, our  heritage and the profession we belong to.

Le invitamos a unirse a nuestra Asociación. Somos doctores de habla hispana en Tampa Bay que tenenos la pasion de servir a nuestra comunidad y de preservar nuestra cultura.